What are phase 1 habitat surveys?

In environmental consultancy industry, the Phase 1 Habitat survey is termed as preliminary appraisals. If you plan a site development project, this type of study is the first thing you need to do. Phase 1 Habitat surveys help you in ascertaining the ecological constraints and prospects for your development project. The phase 1 habitat survey may also called  a preliminary environmental survey to record vegetation and wildlife habitat.

The objective of Phase 1 ecology survey

Phase 1 Habitat surveys are conducted for recording the vegetation and wildlife habitats. You may identify the oncoming ecology risk that may be associated with the area you want to develop and you my map where the risks and potential benefits are. With this exercise, you may reduce the costs and lessen the chances of the development plan. You may go for a musical wildlife-friendly master planning and protect the species well in time.  You may conduct this survey to fulfill regulatory requirements that need an environmental impact assessment.

Moreover, conservation bodies and organizations also use the phase 1 habitat survey. Landowners also conduct these surveys as evidence to support their funding applications and show that they are complying with and management practices and regulations.

The surveyors who carry out this survey assess the need for further studies related to protected species and other ecology assessment work. It is done before the submission of the planning application.  It would help if you had an in-depth assessment before such a process is started. In case the survey s not completed, the risk of planning application rejection will be prominent. With this survey, you get confidence that issues concerning the protected specify and their habitat is solved.

You should complete this survey before the master planning stage of your project. It ultimately saves your time and resources.  You can produce the habitat plan through different ways and means. For this purpose, you should carry out a biological record search and targeted evaluation in the initial phase. There are various ecological related organizations and environmental bodies that may offer guidance for information used in the survey report.

There are different ways to map out the habitats. A phase 1 habitat survey, we use the information and criteria that the nature conservation committee provides. There are ten high level categories for this purpose.