Identical Twins Spend $250k on Surgery to Look More Alike

Identical Twins Spend $250k on Surgery to Look More Alike

We know that identical twins are hard to distinguish. They share so much in common, and they also like to do things together. But have you heard of twins who went an extra mile to do all possible to ensure that they are even more identical? Read the story of Anna and DeCinque who spent about £196k in their quest to look more alike.

Anna and DeCinque hail from the city of Perth in Australia. The sisters who are 33 years old now report that they have spent the fortune for various cosmetic procedures of which they are now regretting ever doing. In total, they had 14 procedures conducted on them in a span of two weeks. They are not the only ones thinking this way, with rhinoplasty Manchester‌ ‌procedures on the rise as they are all over the world.

When they started, the duo had various operations including tattooing, laser treatments, breast implants, and hair extensions among others. They have been known to be the “most identical twins” in the world. However, they have now decided to do away with that.

The Plastic Barbie Dolls:

Ever since they obtained their desired “likeness” of shape, size, and appearance, the twins have gone through embarrassing moments that made them change their mind on what they did. As they got more famous, they receiving negative feedback from people from various places.

They reported how people used to bully them online nonstop. The reason for the bullying? Their “plastic” look. Some people referred to them as “plastic Barbie dolls” among other offensive names.

Recently, the twins decided to “reverse” their procedures so as to gain their “natural” look. They now no-longer go for eyelashes and hair extensions. They also had to get rid of the lips and eyebrow tattoos, which they had done to “perfect” their looks.

The Biggest Assets:

As funny as it may sound, the twins said that they wanted to have “everything” the biggest. They decided to have parts of their bodies go under surgery to grow those parts. They did this to ensure that they have big chests as well as their lips. The reason behind doing all these? Social trends. They followed trends, but went rather too far, which caused them more harm than good.


In their report to the New Idea, the duo said that they regret everything they did. In part of their statement, Anna notes that they “would do things a lot differently” if it were possible to reverse the time. The statement clearly shows that the damage they got from their decision is higher than you can imagine. For instance, they had their lips too big that they were not proportional to other facial parts.

Identical Twins Who Share “Everything”:

The twins not only wanted to look alike, but they also do things together and share everything. The “everything” includes their bed and a boyfriend. And, no, it is not by accident. It was by their arrangement. They have had the shared boyfriend for the past eight years. They even said that they wanted to marry him, and have kids with him – if possible, at the same time.

Basing their claims on their closeness and the likeness they share, the duo said they wanted to share the husband and get pregnant at the same time so that they could look alike. I bet they also want to have their children look alike. But what would their same-father children be called? Brothers or cousins? We leave that up to you to ponder.