Facelift surgery procedure

Do you want a youthful charm and appearance of your face? If so you need to opt for facelift surgery. It is also called a rhytidectomy. Facelift surgery is a procedure of cosmetic surgery to impart your face a fantastic look. By reshaping the lower half of the face, it removes the excess facial skin. You can tighten loose and sagging skin around the jaw line often termed as jowls. Through facelift sugary, you May remove the deep creases covering your mouth and nose. The excess hanging skin and fat under your chin and neck are also eliminated through the facelift procedure.

The process also tightens the underlying tissue. You may use the procedure along with forehead, cheek, brows and eyelids enhancement surgery.

Facelift surgery

You may undergo a facelift surgery through an outpatient process. There may be local anesthesia and sedatives in the procedure. Almost 2 to 5 hours may be spent in the procedure, and you may go to your home the same day after surgery. The process of traditional facelift surgery! The conventional facelift surgery comes with an incision in front of the ear, and the surgeon may extend it up to hair or hairline, behind the ease into hair that bears scalp. The surgeon may lift the deeper facial muscle and fats upward. For the purpose, he may pull the skin in an upward position. He may also remove excess skin during the process.

The surgeon may also make an incision or cut to make the skin tight. After the procedure, the incisions are close to the sutures or staples. A chain is inserted under the skin behind the ear for a day or more. It is vital for removing blood and fluids. Then the surgeon applied bandages.

Before procedure

The surgeon may go through your medical history before he starts the process. He may review the specific body feature.

  • blood pressure and clotting
  • Medication
  • Smoking

Outcomes and benefits of facelift surgery

The facelift surgery may revive your smoother and youthful look. Here are the benefits of a facelift.

  • The facelift surgery eliminates the loose and sagging skin.
  • It lessens the droops of cheeks covering your jaw line.
  • The corners of moth are lifted upward.
  • It removes creases between your cheek and lips.
  • The incisions inserted may not be visible.