Barcelona apartment makes great use of sliding glass doors

Barcelona apartment makes great use of sliding glass doors

The ownership of Sardenya Apartment located in Barcelona has changed, and the new owners have got the apartment renovated by Raul Sanchez Architects, a Spanish architecture firm, to ensure that it meets their requirement. The renovated Barcelona apartment makes great use of sliding glass doors in making the apartment look bigger and also more user friendly. One L-shaped partition is used to separate the access to the kitchen area of the house, while the other L-type partition separates the bedrooms which also include a bathroom.

The architects claim that the aim of their design is to maximize the open space inside the house, allowing people to move freely from one area to another. They have tried to remove the boundaries between the rooms, for example, both the bedroom as well as the bathroom in the guestroom are closed use large pivoting doors which do not have a perimeter frame, and extend from the ceiling to the floor.

Only when a person arrives at the internal glass sliding doors gap do they realize that the door is located, however the sliding doors open automatically allowing free movement and increasing the common space in the house. This design has been extended to rooms which are used only occasionally, so that they are not residual in house according to the Sanchez Architects.

The design of spaces focusses on ensuring that the boundaries between areas are invisible even in the L-shaped areas. Though the kitchen is in the direction of the entrance to the house, a partition is used to separate it and a large mirror, ensures that the narrow passage to the kitchen remains hidden. The kitchen is also opening to the living room. Sliding glass doors have been used to connect the bedrooms and study area to the living room and other areas of the house, creating an illusion of greater space in the home.

However, since the bathroom is a private area, it remains secluded and is only accessed from the bedroom, according to the architects. The design of the kitchen predominantly uses the colour black, though the golden coloured brass used in the sink and faucet offer a striking contrast to the black coloured surfaces. The guest rooms have black lacquer coated pivoting large doors with their handles and fittings made from brass which contrast with the white painted walls. The main bathroom suite uses a number of black coloured materials like granite, ceramic black sinks, taps and accessories which combine with black varnish to create an all-black look.

However, the guest bathroom, is treated in the opposite colour. Though the faucets and wash basin are black in colour, the granite, micro cement, and varnish used in the guest bathroom are all white in colour. The innovative use of black and white colour continues in the flooring, furniture and the lighting fixtures of the apartment.